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Foot Warts (Plantar Warts) are a common foot condition that we treat in our practice. If you have one or more growths on the bottom of your foot that may or may not be painful, chances are it's a plantar wart.
Plantar Warts are caused by a virus. You may notice little black dots in the wart. People sometimes think these dots are splinters. They are actually the blood vessels that nourish the wart. You can get viral warts anywhere you walk barefoot, such as the local pool, karate studio, dance studio, locker room or even from a pedicure salon.
There are several treatments for plantar warts; including topical immunotherapy. The type of treatment received depends upon the patient's needs. Plantar warts can spread easily.
If you think you have one or more plantar warts, come in immediately to have them removed before they multiply.

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